Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein Review

Brad Pilon's How Much Protein Review

How Much Protein is an exciting overall health and nutrition book by Brad Pilon, who is deemed an professional in the world of nutrition and bodybuilding. It is all about a pretty big question for a lot of bodybuilders – how substantially protein should really I really be consuming?

The bodybuilding world is household to a lot of myths and misinformation concerning protein, so it is actually hard to know what the answer is. This book claims that the amount of protein needed for developing muscle is considerably exaggerated in the planet of fitness and bodybuilding. According to Brad in this book, you genuinely do not have to consume as substantially protein as you may possibly assume in order to get the benefits you want.

So what can you study from the How A great deal Protein book? Is it worth it? Will it help you to attain your fitness goals? Let’s take a closer look at this overall health and nutrition book and see what it has to offer you.


  • 1 What is ‘How Much Protein’ About?
  • two About the Author Behind ‘How A lot Protein’
  • 3 Summary of ‘How A great deal Protein’
  • 4 The Added benefits You’ll Get from ‘How Much Protein’ Book
  • 5 Conclusion

What is ‘How Much Protein’ About?

Here are some important points that you ought to know about this book.

  • The major thesis of the book is that there is essentially not a lot need for the high protein levels that are called for in most bodybuilding diets.
  • Brad Pilon explains that taking extra protein doesn’t necessarily result in more gains.
  • It also explains that the reason why protein is so hyped is simply because it is promoted by the supplement companies. Immediately after all, of course they want you to think that you need more protein – then they will sell much more item!
  • The book is based on a lot of academic and scientific studies, which can make it a little dry at occasions. Even so, Pilon does a very good job of explaining the science in a way that the average person will be capable to realize.
  • This book is ideal suited to somebody who is really interested in bodybuilding and desires to learn about it in good detail. If you are just dabbling in fitness, you may well find that it is a little bit of an facts overload.

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About the Author Behind ‘How A lot Protein’

Who is this Brad Pilon guy? Right here are some issues to know about him:

  • He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition, as well as several years of expertise in the supplement market.
  • He is currently really renowned for the book Consume Quit Consume, which is all about the fitness and weight loss positive aspects of intermittent fasting.
  • He has also written a number of other books on weight loss and fitness, such as Very good Belly Bad Belly and The Ten Day Diet plan Option.
  • He is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada and he has been interested in bodybuilding and physique ever since he was young.
  • He has carried out a lot of research to put this book with each other and he hopes that he will be in a position to assistance numerous other folks with the goal to develop their excellent physique.

Summary of ‘How Considerably Protein’

When you download this book on the web, what will you acquire? What type of subjects does the book cover? Let’s take a closer look within and see.

  • In the introduction, Brad offers us some history of protein and how the drive to “eat extra protein” was promoted by the fitness supplement business.
  • He points out a few research on consuming a lot more protein, which had been founded by the protein supplement corporations themselves.
  • He also explains the science of how protein functions and what it actually does in your physique.
  • Brad outlines how significantly protein you should in fact be eating and what sources you must be acquiring it from.
  • He also explains the importance of resistance training on muscle mass, as this is where you will truly start to see the final results.
  • The book also presents some guidance with regards to vegetarians and protein, which is crucial as it can be extra difficult to get the correct quantity when you do not eat animal merchandise.
  • Brad goes into a lot of research relating to protein intake, timing, and so forth.
  • In his chapter of conclusions, he provides some tips that you can apply to your life in order to reach the final results you are seeking for.

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The Rewards You will Get from ‘How Much Protein’ Book

So what benefits will this book bring you? The book claims to provide you a lot of useful information and facts that will support you to make the most of your weight loss and bodybuilding training and get excellent outcomes.

It will debunk some of the myths – such as the concept that the a lot more protein you eat the larger you will get, or that you need to have to preserve eating protein each three hours. Or the thought that you have to eat a minimum of two grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. A lot of these tips are entirely false according to this book and Brad will explain why.

1 of the major advantages from this book is that you will learn that you do not need to have to ingest practically as substantially protein as you when thought. You will be capable to reduce your intake while still attaining your fitness targets. This indicates that you will save a lot of revenue on expensive protein shakes and powders.


The How Substantially Protein book is quite detailed and scientific, with a lot of research and academic data. For the average person who isn’t that into weight loss and bodybuilding it could be a tiny overwhelming. However, if you are a critical bodybuilder and you are passionate about finding the perfect nutrition for your physique – you may possibly find it pretty exciting. Brad is considered an expert, so there is reason to consider what he has to say.

If you are intrigued by the premise of the book but aren’t certain whether or not it will work for you, there’s no harm in checking it out. The How Much Protein book comes with a revenue back guarantee of 60 days, so if you give it a attempt and it doesn’t operate for you there is normally the solution for a refund. With practically nothing to shed (and plenty of muscle to get) it is surely worth taking a look.

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